Mirror Questions and Tips

Common Mirror Questions..

How are your mirrors installed?

Typically we glue the mirrors to the wall in place of using mirror clips. Clips allow the mirror to rattle between the wall and the clip. Gluing the mirrors ensure that the mirror is very secure with less of a chance of breaking apart in sections.

If it’s glued, why do I still need J-channel?

Even though the mirror is glued to the wall the weight of the mirror still needs to rest somewhere, otherwise damage will occur at the bottom of the mirror causing runs. The padded J-channel allows even soft distribution of the weight of the mirror.

Mirror Safety Tips

Wear gloves when handling mirrors. Especially cracked or fractured mirrors.

When transporting or moving glass and mirror panels suction cups with handles are highly recommended.

Unlike shower glass, which is tempered, mirrors are annealed. This means they are more likely to shatter into many pieces as oppressed to breaking off in solid pieces.

Never set a mirror directly on a hard surface such as tile or concrete.

Always have a professional make notches or holes. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO NOTCH AN INSTALLED MIRROR.