Shower Doors

The many types of shower enclosures/doors that are available depends of what you are wanting. We will have frameless by-pass to framed by-pass to neo angle to your standard framed or frameless in-line door and panel. Many homeowners today are opting for the frameless shower enclosure/door. The look is sleek and elegant. Finding the best glass for your shower doors is not as difficult as you may think.

We purchase only the best glass from local glass companies such as Alumax distributors, so the turnaround time is usually within a week. We have been using Alumax for almost as long as we’ve been business. Shower door enclosures can come in different thicknesses (usually 3/8″ and 1/2″ thicknesses for shower doors) .and for safety reasons all shower door glass is tempered.

Mentioned here are a few of the type shower doors you may purchase: By-pass shower doors, Folding shower doors, Neo Angle, In-line door and panel, and the list can go on. The best way to determine what brand, style, shape is right for you is for your installer to make the necessary measurements, show you pictures the shower doors/enclosures that will fit the space of your shower area then go forward from there.