Shower Door Parts

Shower door parts, shower door handles, and sweeps can be found throughout many hardware stores, but in order to purchase the best hinges and other parts for your new shower enclosure should be purchased through your installer as he will know the best to order for your money. You see Hinges for Shower Doors come in many types; shapes, kinds, and brand that it can be confusing and can become very overwhelming to the homeowner. If you want the best hinge for the money, get a square edged Geneva with a 28″ door, and we’re done with this topic.

However before you choose there are certain things you should know. For instance, the Shower Door Hinge ‘Geneva Hinge’ has features that the slightly cheaper Chinese knock-offs don’t have. Geneva and most of the other hinges on this page have a built in reversible hinge pin. They also have little nylon tabs to keep the hinge from opening so far that movable parts hit the body of the hinge and soon there will be a big scratch right at the spot. Not all hinges have the nylon tabs, but Geneva does. You might save $10, on your $1000 purchase, by using a Chinese knock-off but you won’t get these two features.

You will have to decide what your best direction should be when you are having a new Shower Door installed in your home! If you persist in purchasing a ‘knock-off’ sooner or later you will find the discoloring of the hinge and along with this comes erosion and thereafter your shower door will likely detach from the wall and you will have to replace much sooner than you would like. The next consideration is the backing plate. If we are supplying or installing your shower we will recommend a short backing plate. See below. Not all hinges come in all backing plates.

If you leave the selection of hinge to us we’ll choose either Geneva or Vienna depending on the size of the door.